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Elton is a graduate of Louisiana State University and Rochester Institute of Technology. He began his pursuit of photography during his years as a middle school student. He has had the opportunity to study with George King, Navy photographer for President Dwight Eisenhower; and Richard Zakia, photographer, and author retired from Rochester Institue of Technology. Elton's extensive knowledge in photography, graphic design, business development and speaking, places him in a unique position as a photographer. After spending over twenty-five years in the hard hitting automotive industry, he knows how to move through the visual noise and create moments of serenity. He not only captures moments of serenity, he also creates jesters of opportunities that would have otherwise been missed. A clean, bold, and graphic style is his hallmark, whether photographing models, events, families,   athletes or landscapes.  Elton is a best selling author and has written many articles, he is always working on new ways to share his passions and knowledge with others. 

Elton Pride Photography, "Capturing Tomorrows Memories Today". Pictures give us the opportunity to look at our past as if it is today. Memories that fade over time are forever remembered by creating memorable pictures. 


Services offered - 

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY: Banquets, Product Launches, Fundraisers, Festivals, Seminars, Concerts, Family Reunions, Parties, and Athletics


PORTRAITS: Individuals, Family, and Groups



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